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Version : 9.07.03 (990703)
Update : May 22, 2024
Developer : Levion Software
Category : Photography
Google Play ID : com.levionsoftware.instagram_map

About this app

Photo Map is your new personal, interactive photo world map!

It shows your personal photos exactly where they were taken! The interactive map allows you to rediscover your photos and videos in a stunning way!

Whether you want to rediscover photos from yesterday, last week, or a long ago trip, it's finally possible, and better than ever! You can zoom in to within a few feet, so you can see exactly where a photo was taken and the route your trip took. Bringing memories back to life!
There's even a 3D mode that makes your photos pop even more!

How I came up with the idea is relatively simple: I talked to travelers, I talked to archaeologists, I talked to environmental organizations, and they all had a common goal: document their route based on location and later explore where they've been. Whether for fun or for organizational reasons, Photo Map is the perfect solution here!
With the built-in search function, you can even search directly by date, or jump to a location or attraction!

No matter where your photos are stored, whether on your device or in the cloud, Photo Map can handle it. Unlike competing apps, even the most used cloud service provider is supported (Dem name I'm not allowed to directly, unfortunately)!

Details and features:
✔ The free trial version displays up to 500 photos. Upgrades increase the limit to:
- Infinite for photos located on the device.
- 20,000 for photos in the cloud
Additional upgrades are purchasable to increase the limit of cloud photos to a maximum of 70,000! (PhotoPrism goes to unlimited!!)
✔ Up to 100,000 photos can be displayed easily without the app becoming noticeably slow.
✔ You don't have to worry about their privacy: There are no intermediary servers and your photos are cached solely on your own device, so you can view your photos even without an Internet connection.
✔ Photos can be easily shared with friends!
✔ Regular app updates ensure that the latest devices are supported as best as possible! New features are actively and permanently developed.
Metadata is read or written directly from photos (EXIF information stores everything that is changed in photos). This allows you, for example, to edit the rating of photos and sort them later on the computer exactly according to it!
✔ Multiple map views are supported: Satellite, OpenStreetMap (OSM), Altimeter, ...
✔ Videos and GIFs are also supported!
✔ what3words (w3w) is also supported!
GPX, KML and KMZ routes can be imported, so you can see them right next to your photos!

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