Version : v8
Update : Jun 8, 2023
Developer : Khu Tayant
Category : Education
Google Play ID : com.khutayant.payeik

About this app

Explore the essence of Buddhist teachings with the PayeikApp, your personal pocket companion to Buddha's teachings for peace and enlightenment.

This app offers a carefully selected collection of paritta verses and suttas, presented with authentic Burmese pronunciations and enriching audio mp3 files, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with the Pali language.

Payeik is designed to be a source of comfort and wisdom.
Each verse and sutta comes with translations and insightful explanations, helping you grasp the profound messages and teachings of the Buddha.
It’s a simple yet powerful tool to incorporate the Buddha's virtues and guidance into your daily life.

Whether you're seeking spiritual growth, mental clarity, or a moment of peace, the Payeik App is here to support your journey.

Download Payeik today and embark on your path to inner transformation.

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