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Version : 1.3.7 (32)
Update : May 8, 2024
Developer : Rally Games Co
Category : Tools
Google Play ID : com.friendlygames.gamecloner

About this app

Are you tired of device hopping between your gaming and social accounts? Dual Cloner is here to revolutionize your digital world. Run unlimited copies of your cherished social and gaming apps on a single device. Elevate your gaming prowess and social interactions to unprecedented heights!

🌐 Key Features for Socializers:

Unlimited Social Cloning: Clone and manage multiple social accounts seamlessly. Switch between work and personal profiles effortlessly.
Tab Between Accounts: Keep your social and gaming accounts separate. Toggle between them with ease, ensuring data privacy.
Secret Zone for Privacy: Delete the original copy of a cloned app and still use the clone. Keep apps invisible on your home screen for enhanced privacy.
Security Lock: Protect sensitive data with a PIN code. Secure select apps so only you can access crucial accounts and information.

🎮 Key Features for Gamers:

Clone Gaming Apps: Play multiple accounts simultaneously on one device. Gain the edge in games like MLBB, PES, CoD, CoC, and many more!
Dual Account Advantage: Dominate your favorite mobile games with dual accounts. Double the fun, double the victories!
Smooth Gaming Experience: Enjoy lag-free gaming with our cutting-edge technology. No interruptions, just pure gaming pleasure!

🌟 Highlights:

Stable & Secure: Dual Cloner is your fortress of stability, security, and efficiency.
Board Game & App Support: We cover a wide array of games, apps, and devices to ensure compatibility.
Easy-to-Use: Experience the convenience of an app designed for simplicity and ease of use.
Compatible with the Latest Android OS Versions: Always stay ahead with compatibility with the latest Android OS updates!

🌈 Activate Your VIP Membership Now!

Join an elite squad of gamers and unleash the full potential of Dual Cloner. Sign up for VIP membership to maintain access to your cloned games, run unlimited accounts simultaneously, and enjoy enhanced privacy features.
Upgrade to Dual Cloner today and redefine how you experience your favorite games and social apps. Your digital adventure awaits!

• Permissions: Dual Cloner requires the same permissions that all major apps request in order to operate normally. The Dual Cloner app does not use these permissions for any purpose other than operating your cloned apps.
• Data & Privacy: To protect user privacy, Dual Cloner does not collect or store any personal information.
• Resources: Dual Cloner does not use any additional memory, battery, or data to run apps. However, cloned apps use their typical amount of these resources when running.
• Notifications: Enable all relevant Notification permissions in your device’s settings for Dual Cloner to ensure you receive notifications from all logged-in accounts.
• Device ID: Dual Cloner does not hide, modify, or change your device identifiers. Creating a cloned app will not create a new device ID, IP address, MAC address, or unique phone number. • Third Party App Policies: Each app sets their own policies regarding the use of more than one account, Dual Cloner is not able to circumvent or override these policies.

If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about Dual Cloner, please contact us at support@friendlygames.io. We are always happy to help!


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